Goodbye, Chatterbox

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Goodbye, Chatterbox

Post by avery on Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:32 am

Despit all I've ever said, I must go.

I have been accepted at Columbia College, SC, and though I'll have more wifi than ever I will reserve it for Al and Viv, Skyguy and Val, Blakk, Adam, Nat, Amber, the Dr., Holly-san, my family, Nikki (and the ever-lovable Rayne McDonald [on penalty of death]).

My path through CC and in leading MP and completing my dream-the writing and Art forum I am now working on, and my books-will take up much of my time. Also, I am grounded again. For not cleaning the house. 2 monthjs ago. my psychotherapist even agrees my mom is nuts. OFF HER ROCKER nuts.

All that done, I'm going for free. I have to pay just 3500$ of 35000$ for the school per year if i get above a 3.0 due to citizen scholarships and large support by the Methodist church.

Yes, I'll visit, but this... is goodbye. and Rogue's blog will be updated too.

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