The Shadows of the Forgotten

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The Shadows of the Forgotten

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Lots of reading required, but trust me, you'd want to join if you like magic, knights, and stuff like that.


Three years have passed since Shadows of The Past. The several factions, as well as the cities, have cleaned up the debris left by the final battles/parties/storms, and attempted to move on with their lives in the best way they could. Some of them now find themselves struggling to simply leave the past behind, others attempting to build a new future from scratch. Others are finding that things can in fact get worse than they have ever been before. Some are even catching a small glimpse of light in the end of a long period of uncertainty.
The fighting amongst the factions seems to have cooled off for the first time in a long while. In spite of the of the peaceful that it gives to the Land at first glance, some wonder if this is really peace, or if war is simply evolving into a much more silent killer.

Which is the actual truth, or if the truth is something else entirely, beyond what simple mortal minds can grasp… That, only time will tell.
Azaer will rise once more.


(Yes, it's a must-read, I don't want people wandering off by themselves to made-up places)

1. Valcrest: The land of Valcrest was once rich and full of life. Now its territory is only a shadow of what it once was. Most of the population is now concentrated around the forest, the two remaining cities and the plains and the desert. The mountains to the south and the ruined town of Effort remain unpopulated until this day, only visited by those who leave the land through that path, which are a rare few, since the easiest way out of Valcrest is through the north.

a) The Woods (Center of the land): The great forest is the center of Valcrest and, at present time, the most populated area. Deep inside of the forest, lies the territory of the assassin clan; the Wolfpack. The small mercenary groups that could once be found there have now disappeared, fled from the Pack’s sudden urge to take over the territory of the forest. The open trails that cross the forest and lead to the nearby cities are mostly respected and watched from a distance by the assassins, but straying from them may cause anyone, even the most experienced tracker, to become lost. Wandering into the wrong territory unannounced is something that can get any person killed fast.
Several small streams can be found amongst the trees, but only one bigger lake is present, in the outskirts of the Wolfpack territory, making it off limits to any human outsider that walks that forest.
Wildlife is abundant as well as other sources of food. Mostly wild boar, rabbit, and deer can be found easily for hunting purposes. No one has actually been attacked by predators larger than a snake in these woods, but it is told that wolves live there as well, and in quiet nights their howling can be heard in any point of the forest. Adjacent to the forest and at a distance sometimes considered uncomfortable, are the two remaining cities of Valcrest. No more than a day on foot can get a traveler from one city to another and from any one of them to the depths of the forest.

b) The Plains (West): This territory now is far less inhabited than it once was. However where the ruins of Blackhurst now lie, the healers once made their home. It has been three years since the army of Blackpond chased the White Shadows away from their home, and only now they are starting to come back. The still fertile soil, once used to grow healing herbs, flowers and spices are now void. One or two food crops are currently planted there, mainly for the purpose of keeping the few healers that have returned fed.
The healers once received supplies from the two cities; however, after fleeing to the desert, the healers have cut their ties with all factions involved in the war, and accept the same amount of aid as they provide: None. They help those who reach their camp and advice anyone who is in need of help controlling their enlightened ability, but now the once open territory of the White Shadows is only available to a chosen few, and members of the Crimson Shadows have been placed at their gates to make sure of it.

c) The Desert (South): To the South of the forest lays a small wasteland where the merchant city of Brightvale once stood. The people who once occupied the city of Brightvale were experienced horsemen and sturdy travelers. Some were known to brag about traveling to the furthest lands known to men in order to acquire their goods, and therefore had seen it all. The Completely deserted once the city was destroyed, the area was rarely visited and only inhabited by a few bandits and runaways that preyed on any unsuspecting and bold adventurers that crossed the territory. Most people saw no point on going through these parts unless the person was leaving Valcrest forever or in need of hiding, however a few years following the abandonment of Brightvale, the mercenary group known as the Crimson Shadows claimed the territory of Brightvale as rightfully theirs. From then on, they made sure no travelers were harmed unless they posed a threat to the clan, many times they escorted travelers through the desert and to the mountains, for a small fee, of course.
The mercenary group consists of descendants of the people of Brightvale and Effort; brave warriors as well as a friendly and talkative bunch, the Crimson will extend their welcome to anyone who is in need of shelter, for a night or longer, as long as the traveler is smart enough not to abuse their good will.
Currently the ruins of Brightvale have become a refuge to great part of the White Shadows as well as a, small, exiled group of assassins. Protected and assisted by the Crimson, by the order of their leader.

d) The Mountains (Further South): Beyond the desert, snowcapped mountains determine the limits of the Land. Protected by the stone walls of the mountains, the brave men and women of Effort once lived. The people that once lived there were known as proud warriors and horsemen. They were also known for their mining skills and for fabricating the first explosives seen in Valcrest. They were not the most educated people in the land, but were honorable and proud men and women. A population made extinct when they marched into war beside Blackpond and went into direct confrontation with the nearby city of Brightvale. Having their supplies cut short and their territory being the constant target of attacks… Effort also came to an end. The mines and homes left abandoned until this day.

2. The city of Blackpond (North end of the forest): The city of Blackpond is one of the most ancient and traditional cities to ever exist in Valcrest, its creation only preceded by that of Newhaven. The war with the neighboring city has left its marks on the proud kingdom, but through everything and anything; it has survived.
King Rory had ruled Blackpond for many decades. He was loved and respected within the city walls, as well as Commander Hastings. For the most part, the mass of Blackpond’s population, even though struggling against poor living conditions, had faith in their leader and were proud of their city’s warrior spirit. The city had its problems, it was clear, but what they lacked in wealth or beauty they made up for in spirit. A city filled with warriors and survivors, admired even by its enemies for never allowing itself to break or bend.
However, sorrow filled the city when word spread of the events that occurred in the castle. The news of their King being murdered would by his most trusted officer, along with the news of Hastings’ death spread quickly, first throughout the castle, then across the city streets. Not long after, it became known that Rory had a son.
Under the new leadership, Blackpond seems to have gradually lost the little order it had left when it came to its living conditions, and in the short period of three years, it has slipped into complete and total chaos. Crime rules the street and no punishments are given to those who rape, murder, steal, and vandalize as they please. It’s every man for himself and women and children are safer (in theory) locked on the inside of the house. Even then, when the people of Blackpond leave their homes, there’s no guarantee they will be back unscathed.
These days, anyone who wanders into the, once mighty, city of Blackpond can immediately see that something is very wrong with the city, however, those who are wise enough to know their place would never dare say it; and those who aren’t are usually never seen or heard of again.

3. The City of Newhaven (East end of the forest): Newhaven is nowhere near its former glory, but it’s slowly getting there. With the announcement that those responsible for the killing of their king, and the news of a new heir to take the throne, great part of the rage and fear that once roamed the city streets has subsided. In three years, the people of Newhaven are finally beginning to see a light in the end of a four year struggle to regain its former balance. However, Newhaven is far from being free of problems.
Even with the efforts of the City Guards and Knights combined, the rate of smaller crimes has gone up considerably due to the number of citizens to lose their homes, families, or businesses during the several attacks the city has endured. Small gangs of thieves have begun to form on the less privileged areas of the city, making it now impossible for people to walk the streets unarmed as they once used to. Some businesses are being closed as others are reopening. The economy in Newhaven is not at its possible worst, but it’s fragile. The city funds are growing slim, and there has been talk amongst the city council (and rumors amongst the population) of increasing taxes. Still, even if still shaky, order seems to have slowly been restored to city, especially since Blackpond seems to have lost its interest in attacking Newhaven, ever since the death of their most beloved ruler.

4. Assassin’s Camp (Within the forest): Between the grounds of the two cities, deep inside the forest, lies a clan of assassins, they name themselves the “ Wolfpack”, or simply the "Pack” and they have prospered for years eliminating targets on both sides of the feud. The camp consists of one huge clearing surrounded by woods and several hidden paths that lead across them. Inside the clearing there are several cabins made of logs, and also a few tents. One big, more secluded cabin is the home of leaders. In the very center of the camp there is one big camp fire which is lit every night.
In the last three years the Pack has suffered with internal disputes after their leader was thought to be dead and then was discovered to be alive. However, the young woman was unfit to fight properly to maintain the leadership of the clan, and was forced to flee to the desert. A few actives followed after their former leader that night as well. Ever since, many others have considered abandoning the clan as well. The Wolfpack is actually in a better place than it was three years ago, however their place in the world in uncertain and the tense relations between the clan and its former members, as well as the Crimson Shadows, has made living a little bit more difficult; to say the very least.


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The Enlightened: There are people in the land of Valcrest that are born with a special ability that manifests when they reach the age 12. Those abilities can be anything from hearing other people’s thoughts to conjuring and manipulating fire. They have the appearance of regular people except that their eyes glow, very lightly or change colors, when they use their ability. That is why they have been named the enlightened.

No one knows where those abilities actually come from, although legends tell that the Enlightened are descendants of the Twins themselves, all that is known for sure is that they usually occur repeatedly amongst the members of the same families, although it is not guaranteed that a child of an Enlightened will have any ability, and there is no way of knowing for sure until the child in question reaches the age of 12.

OBSERVATION: Any character born in Valcrest may possess ONE enlightenment.

Blackpond: The people of Blackpond have been going through some really rough times lately. The crime rate in the city has gone sky high and nothing seems to have been done about it. Even though frustrated with their new king, the mass of Blackpond’s population has come to accept the fact that there is nothing they can do against the man. Every attempt to even lift a finger has been neutralized immediately. Most of the population has turned to criminal acts in order to survive and provide for their families, or simply because out of greed or kicks, and those acts seem to be completely ignored by the City Guard and the military in general. Wandering around the city streets unarmed is considered nothing less than suicide.

Shadow’s Conflict: The Shadow’s Conflict is probably the least known and most ruthless group in Valcrest. The only people who really know about them are either dead, or the Shadow’s Conflict has a reason to have themselves known by them. Truth be told, there are probably about fifteen people alive who know about them. Out of those fifteen people however, only a select few know the names of these people.
The Shadow’s Conflict is a group of assassins that went through a very harsh training from the Commander Hastings of Blackpond. They were Blackpond’s equivalent to the Black Knights in that they could do anything they wanted to as long as they got the job done. From a young age, they have been taught a moral system that makes them believe their actions, no matter how terrible they are, are still justified. Every single one has enlightenment and if they don’t, they would have had to keep it a secret while Hasting’s was still around or else they would be killed, like the many others who had trained to become an assassin, but never developed a power.
Out of the one hundred babies that were stolen at birth, only fifteen of them survived the training. Now there are only thirteen assassins in the Shadow’s Conflict.

Military Ranks of Blackpond

Knights/Officers: The elite warriors of Blackpond. They usually lead the troops of soldiers into battle and are the closest to the ruler. They are usually the ones who advise the ruler in all matters of war. They are of noble blood and very well respected amongst the general population. They are currently the ones in charge of running the attack on Newhaven. They are known for avoiding confrontation, but it is said to be impossible to go against one of them in battle and live to tell.

Castle Guards: These are the best trained fighters and warriors in Blackpond. They are rarely ever seen away from the castle grounds, and are the ruler’s first line of defense. However, they can be called out to war as a last resort. The Captain of the CG is usually held in the same level of respect as any Knight would.

City Guards: The city guards are mostly citizens that have been arrested for committing crimes are granted pardon in exchange of joining the city guard. They are unorganized and known for leaving when confronted by stronger groups, such as Pack members or one of the many thieves that terrorize the streets of Blackpond. They offer more protection to certain homes in exchange for bribes, and are not opposed to killing or stealing themselves if needed be.

Soldiers: Soldiers: They’re the police, so to speak. The expendable ones that follow orders, maintain peace, and die first.

Newhaven: The people of Newhaven are slowly recuperating from the damages caused by the past attacks to the city. The Market area is still filled with abandoned and closed shops, and the increase in illegal gambling, prostitution and other minor crimes has made the area a little more dangerous than it once used to be.

Military Ranks of Newhaven:

White Knights: The White Knights are usually of noble lineage and enrolled in the military at a young age. They are the most skilled warriors as well as the highest military authority in Newhaven. They are also the ones in charge of all the bureaucracy and politics involved in the war. A force to be feared by anyone who stands against their city, in spite of being well-known, respected by all and admired by most, those who know the “Whites” up close know how vicious they can become when in confrontation; especially if such confrontation involves Blackpond in any way. The one thing that prevents them from gathering the same reputation as the Black Knights do, is the fact that are the ones who represent the city army inside Newhaven. For that reason, they take great care of their reputations as well as every existing precaution to ensure they are not seen by the general public as the same kind of psychotic killers their counterparts are known to be.
The title of White Knight doesn’t come easy, and the title of White Knight Captain is an honor only granted to some of the greatest warriors and leaders known to Valcrest. Not only are the White Knights responsible for the city’s defenses, they have a very big say in all matter involving the war. They are also the ones in charge of the mass of Newhaven’s army. Their armor, shields and helms are of a bright silver color, sometimes adorned with the engraving of golden sun, a tribute to their God of worship.

The White Knights were particularly important to Newhaven in the short period the city remained without a ruler. Not only by keeping some level of peace on the streets and actively participating in the city’s political decisions, but also by showing themselves as often as possible, in order to reassure the public that even without a King they remained under some sort of leadership. Even though it was a small gesture, it helped keeping things from getting too out of hand.

Black Knights: Aside from the Wolfpack, these are the most vicious killers known in Valcrest. Former mercenaries and/or criminals, these men and women are chosen for their skilled and offered a clean slate and a new life by pledging allegiance to Newhaven. They are trained under the best of the Newhaven Knights, as well as the Black Knight captain, and stripped of any trace of their pasts until they have nothing left in them but the will to protect their city. They answer only to their Captain; and the Black Knight captain answers to no one aside from the Captain of the White Knights or the city ruler personally. The Black Knights are known by many unofficial titles amongst the people of Valcrest (War Hounds, and Death Knights are a few examples) and hold a reputation for being unnecessarily vicious when not kept on a very tight leash. Their armors helms and shields are all Black, sometimes adorned by the engraving of a crescent moon; a tribute to their Goddess of worship.
There are five Black Knights, one Captain and four others; all of them skilled in all areas of combat, but each an expert in one. The BKs control a small group of no more than 50 soldiers, known inside the Castle walls as the Black Guard; identifiable by their black uniforms adorned with the characteristic crescent moon. These 50 soldiers are hand-picked and trained by the BK Captain personally, and are known to be, not only incredibly skilled, but extremely loyal.

Even though in the past years the Black Knights have been seen more often roaming the city and fighting out in the open, their true identities remain unknown to the public. Since they have never been seen roaming the streets of Newhaven without having their faces hidden by the dark helms, they could be just anyone. Several rumors and urban legends have been passed around throughout the city, encouraged by the city officers, concerning the identity of the Knights. Some people seem convinced that the Black Knights are undead, or immortal, warriors. While others seem to think it’s plausible that the White Knights themselves wear the black armor to avoid being identified (despite the fact that they are, on occasion, seen alongside the White Knights).

Despite all the rumors and their reputation for being capable of unspeakable acts, the one and only mission of these Knights hasn’t change with the passing of years: To protect Newhaven at all costs.

Castle guard: The Castle Guard is not only the city ruler’s last line of defense, but they are also in charge of maintaining order within the city dungeons. While they usually never leave the Castle walls while on duty, they may be called out into the city streets if there is an emergency situation.

City guard/ Soldiers: They’re the police, so to speak. The expendable ones that follow orders, maintain peace and die first.

The Wolfpack: The inhabitants of the assassin camp are a very diverse group of people; they vary from skilled assassins to women and children. The laws of The Wolfpack are strict, and punishments vary from minor chores to death. There are usually always two leaders in the clan, and the command has been passed to members of the same family for generations ever since it was created until three years ago, when command was challenged and the clan gained a new leadership. Even though they are assassins, the Pack members are trained from a young age and taught to hit nothing other than the target, unless they are in a life threatening situation, which has happened very little in the course of history.


1st in command: The leader of the clan. The word of the leader is law unless it contradicts the 4 basic laws of the clan (stated below). Every living breathing human inside the limit of the Wolfpack’s territory is the responsibility of the leader. And it is up to the leader to keep the clan and its member’s best interest in mind at all times.

2nd in command: The main duty of the second commander of the Wolfpack is to discuss with the leader all matters referring to the clan and their members. Even though the 1st in command will always have the final say, it is a position given to someone the leader respects and trusts (since the leader’s death will immediately grant the 2nd commander control over the clan), therefore it is unlikely for the clan leader to make a decision without discussing it with the Second and reaching a solution they both agree to.

Instructors: Assassins who are experienced enough to train other's (Instructors can be as young as 18). Instructors are also the highest authority in the camp aside from the leaders, and are often used to pass the leaders commands along to the Actives and Recruits.

Actives: Assassins who have completed training and are ready to complete assignments (Actives can be as young as 15). Active assassins are those who have completed their training and are considered, by their Instructor as well as the clan leader, fit to fulfill assignments alone.

Messengers/Recruiters: Assassins who live outside camp, in the cities, and gather information from targets, meet with clients, and scout for possible recruits. There are usually two of them stationed in each of the two cities, working at the inn.

Workers: People who stand guard, cut firewood, gather supplies and such. Workers are civilians. Members of the clan who did not complete, or did not take part in, the assassin training, but reside and work in the encampment under the assassins’ protection.

Recruits: Those undergoing training. Recruits are the bottom of the food chain. The only thing that keeps them from being eaten alive is the protection of their instructors. Recruits born in the clan can be as old as 21, since they can only become Actives when their instructor decides they are ready to take on an assignment. After that age if they have not been considered ready to become Active they are kept in camp grounds and work as guards. People who aren’t born in the clan are given 5 years to complete training, if they are 15 or older.


4 General laws:
1. If two or more members are sent on assignment together, all must return to camp, dead or alive, unless all members of the party are killed. Leaving a companion behind is unacceptable. Violation of this rule may be viewed as treason, depending on circumstances.

2 .Any form of violence directed at another clan member is strictly forbidden. Seriously injuring or killing another member will be considered treason and therefore punished accordingly.

3. Deaths that are not authorized by the leaders will be considered a risk to the safety of the clan and will be viewed as treason. Unless the before mentioned death is a result of self-defense, or necessary for the preservation of the clan member’s identity.

4. Treason is punishable by DEATH (at the leader’s discretion).


- Instructors can only be punished by the leaders.

- Actives can only be punished by instructors or the leaders

- If a recruit has an issue with another member of the clan, he or she must report the problem to his/her instructor. No recruit is allowed to talk back to any other member of the clan, for any reason.

Any member of the clan (aside from recruits), at any moment, can challenge the leader for command. However once the challenge is set, the individual has only two choices: Fight the leader or leave the clan forever. The only on the other hand, has no choice but to accept the challenge or give up command.

In order to successfully take command of the clan through a challenge, a member of the clan must challenge the leader in front of witnesses, and the defeat the leader in a fair fight, in front of the whole clan. Some unspoken rules are applied to this particular battle:

- The challenging member must attack first. If he chooses to recant, at this point it is still a possibility. Once past the first strike, there is no turning back.
- The challenging member cannot attack until the leader has a weapon in hand.
- Interference from any third party is extremely forbidden and may be viewed as treason.
- The victor has the right to kill the opponent once the battle is over.

Other Rules:

- No alcohol is to be consumed inside camp grounds
- Anything a recruit tells his/her Instructor is confidential, except to the leaders.
- Shooting arrows/knives/darts inside camp (excluding the training field) is a big no-no.
- Recruits are not allowed to carry weapons outside of training and may be punished by any clan member if caught with one.


Suspension: Member has his/her weapons taken and is forbidden to leave camp grounds for a certain period of time. During that time the member might be confined to his/her chambers or ordered to do minor works.

Expulsion: Member is sent away and forbidden to ever step foot on camp grounds, or keep in contact with any clan member.

Execution: Self-explanatory; usually performed by the leader, publicly.

The White Shadows – The healers: The healer clan of the White Shadows has deeply felt the effects of the war. Not only has their leader left the clan, and soon after the Land itself, but the healers suffered pressures from Blackpond’s population, that for some reason decided they didn’t feel comfortable in allowing the healers to return to the plains, and would much rather have them as far away as possible. The Shadows remained in the desert for almost three years, assisting only those who managed to go see them for help, not many could, and trying without success to calm the tensions between them and the city’s population.

Eventually, the people from Blackpond simply silenced their protests and stopped their aggressions on the healers. However, many had been killed by the aggressors, and most of the healers have left the clan; their spirits broken by the violence. The peace that group once preached became harder and harder to believe in, and now: only a small number of healers (no more than fifty) remains, attempting to rebuild their encampment in the plains and take baby steps in the direction of what the clan once used to be.

Healer Clan – The White Shadows


Leader: The leader is the keeper of all information regarding the clan’s history, methods and rituals. The leader is to choose a successor prior to his/her death, and train this individual personally.

Spiritual Healers: Theses are Enlightened healers who have the ability seal wounds by transferring part of their own energy onto the patient. It is said that other abilities are tied to this form of healing, but this information is neither confirmed nor denied by those that have come into contact with these healers. Spiritual healers are trained from a young age to manipulate their own vital energy and in some rare cases they have the ability to seal their own wounds. These healers are said be sent by Goddess Peace herself, mostly due to the fact that this is an extremely rare enlightenment and that, coincidentally or not, Spiritual Healers usually are born within the White Shadows clan. They are usually appointed as leaders the moment the ability is discovered, even though the current leader has no obligation to do so, it is how it usually goes.

Medicinal Healers: These are healers who have studied and mastered the use of several species of plants and other substances in order to make medicine, antidotes and, in some cases even, poisons. They are also knowledgeable in human anatomy and are the ones usually sent to assist the cities and the assassin camp in times of need. They are usually left unharmed by both armies as well as the assassins, therefore are free to roam the land safely. They are also usually the ones who teach the younger apprentices on how to properly identify plants, poisonous animals and properly treat wounds.

Apprentices: Apprentices are usually born into the clan. Outsiders are rarely accepted, and, when they are, they are usually viewed with suspicion by other apprentices. Apprentices born into the clan begin their studies at age 5, and are graduated at the age of 18. Outsider apprentices are usually older therefore, more severely trained in order to keep up with the others. Most of them don’t make it to the initiation and are asked to leave the clan, or stay in to work as assistants.

Assistants: Assistants are viewed mostly as tools. Most of them are apprentices who never completed their studies for some reason. Every graduated healer is entitled to an assistant although most of them don’t really see the use for one. Every assistant is the responsibility of his/her master, and therefore are bound to that healer unless dismissed. That basically means that if the healer violates to rules his/her assistant is bound to suffer the same punishment. (Assistants are NOT slaves. They work for the healer simply to be allowed to stay in the clan and learn the trade and they are free to leave at any time).


Laws of the clan:
1. No acts of violence are to be committed, if not in self-defense, and no weapons are to be brought into The Ruins. (Healers are now allowed to carry weapons outside of their camp)
2. No request for help is to be ignored under any circumstance.
3. No one is to be judged on their past.
4. Whatever is said by any patient is confidential.
5. Any information regarding the clan’s teachings costumes is confidential.

1. Minor violations are punished with suspension, which forbids the clan member from leaving the Ruins. Chores may be added to this punishment, such as manual labor. Visitors may be inflicted such punishment if they are found with weapons or get into fights. If a visitor refuses to take the punishment he or she will no longer be allowed in the encampment in the future.

2. Taking a person’s life, or causing any harm to another human being, if not in self-defense, will immediately break all bonds between the healer and the clan, making him an outcast and forbidding him to communicate with the remaining of the clan or enter the territory. This was once applied to any form of violence, even in self-defense. The rule has been changed for the healers’ protection.

NOTE: If you wish to be a healer, just PM so I can give you a character sheet and some info

The Crimson Shadows (Mercenary group):
The Crimson Shadows are, in its core, the remaining of the people of Effort and Brightvale. Even if they add anyone that seems slightly worthy into their ranks, the majority is still of descendants of the ancient cities. They are mercenaries who have refused to aid any of the armies since the war has devastated their homes. Instead their offer protection to travelers and taking as many strays as they can, which made the group grow fast. They are not very organized and the only thing they are not allowed to do is hurt women and children. That, and “obey the leaders” are the only rules for these mercenaries. More into the business of personal protection and minor “victimless” crimes such as picking pockets and stealing horses, they will do almost any kind of work for those that can pay, and may, or may not, provide help to people who are in trouble for no compensation at all (although they always find a way to get the favor returned somehow).
The Crimson have reclaimed the territory of the ruins where the city of Brightvale once stood, as their rightful territory not long after its destruction and have worked for over three generations to make it a safe place. Anyone who wanders through the desert may reach out to them for aid; they are friendly and often welcome visitors with parties (and liquor).
No long ago a sect of some sort formed in the desert, and drove the mercenaries and other inhabitants away from the ruins. Most of them took a small piece of the Pack’s territory as their hiding place, with Dani Rivers’ consent. However, after the strange cult’s sudden disappearance, the mercenaries returned to the desert and reclaimed their homes.

Blackpond and Newhaven Character sheet:

Full Name:

Age: (18 minimum for soldier, 20 for Knight, 15 for civilian)



City: (Blackpond or Newhaven)

Ability (if Enlightened):

Description: (pictures are optional, words are NOT)

Theme Song: (Optional. Add as many as you like, provide a link. ex: Title - Artist)


Likes: (optional)

Dislikes: (optional)

Equipment: (weapons and other personal items)

Background: (Where you character was born, how you entered the military, how you learned of your special abilities, if any… Write a novel if you like. I’ll read it and love it.)

Other: (anything else you'd like to add)

The Wolfpack Character sheet:

Full Name:

Alias (if Active assassin): Name for which your character is known professionally (this name is the one used in clan records and similar documents instead of the Active’s real name)


Age: (15 minimum)

Ability (if enlightened): All abilities must include a down side, or side effect to them. Also note that the younger your character is, the less control he’ll have over his ability, since they awaken at age 12.

Description: (pictures are optional, words are NOT)

Theme Song: (Optional. Add as many as you like, provide a link, as such: Title - Artist)


Likes: (optional)

Dislikes: (optional)

Equipment: (weapons and other personal items)

Background: Must include place of birth (any of the above mentioned cities, the camp, or smaller village which you may create), how your character arrived at the clan and at what age your character graduated (if active assassin).

Other: (Anything else you’d like to add)

The Crimson Shadows Character sheet:

Full Name:



Lineage: (Brightvale, Effort or other)

Ability (if Enlightened):

Description: (pictures are optional, words are NOT)

Theme Song: (Optional. Add as many as you like, provide a link, as such: Title - Artist)


Likes: (optional)

Dislikes: (optional)

Equipment: (weapons and other personal items)


Other: (Anything else you’d like to add)

Finally...I'm finished!!! YUSH!!1! And yes, you have to read it all. Sorry!

My Characters:

The Wolfpack

Full Name: Dasha Meacoo Zolo

Alias (if Active assassin) Name for which your character is known professionally (this name is the one used in clan records and similar documents instead of the Active’s real name): Lumine Purpureo (Crimson Light)

Gender: Male

Age: (15 minimum) 17

Ability (if enlightened): (All abilities must include a down side, or side effect to them. Also note that the younger your character is, the less control he’ll/she'll have over his/her ability, since they awaken at age 12.): Mind Bender (mind-reader, manipulation, mind-sight, and mind-talk)

Description: (pictures are optional, words are NOT)Touch eyes change from silver to gold when using Mind Bender

Theme Song: (Optional. Add as many as you like, provide a link, as such: Title - Artist) Click

Personality: Calm, soft, caring

Likes: (optional) Stargazing, drawing (specifically w/greenleaf paper and water tipped quills), hunting

Dislikes: (optional) The Shadows, Azaer (Lord of the Shadows), Newhaven

Equipment: (weapons and other personal items) A golden bow passed down among the Son of the Chief, quiver of arrows, two golden curved knives,

Background: Must include place of birth (any of the above mentioned cities, the camp, or smaller village which you may create), how your character arrived at the clan and at what age your character graduated (if active assassin).

Other: (Anything else you’d like to add)

((I have to get off, I'll finish my char later...again >.<))
really likes to post.
really likes to post.

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Re: The Shadows of the Forgotten

Post by Fearix Kamori on Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:09 am

i'd join but i dont want to read that...................have anything..............well........shorter

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Fearix Kamori
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roleplaying staff

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Re: The Shadows of the Forgotten

Post by gat on Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:11 pm

Uhm, sadly, no. This is as short as I could get it without confusing anyone. Believe me, I actually had people read it and critique this. But if you want to skip the Land, go ahead and just get to the format.
really likes to post.
really likes to post.

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Humor : I used to be Lady whatever whatever/Cortana/ten million other things. That's it. That's the joke. Myself on here, is the fckn joke. I am laughing and crying I swear to god.

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Re: The Shadows of the Forgotten

Post by Miara on Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:53 pm

Full Name: Peponi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Lineage: Effort
Ability: Animal Transformation (She has to have touched the animal and seen it at least once before she can transform into it. And she can't transform if she's too tired.)
Description:Slightly tanned skin, brown-red hair, well-muscled but still feminine looking, always wears dark colors, walks almost silently
Personality: Somewhat shy, but not afraid to say what comes to mind, when it comes to mind
Likes: Paintings, often she will stare at one for hours on end
Dislikes: Soldiers and those who care for only themselves
Equipment: (weapons and other personal items) Necklace of a crystal on a black string. Two slim swords, several daggers, and a bow.
Background: Somewhat proud of her heritage. She is known by almost all in the Crimson Shadows for her willingness to help and her passionate way of arguing against something she disagrees with.
Other: She spends most of her time walking through wealthier estates looking at their paintings.

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Re: The Shadows of the Forgotten

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