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Fripp Legacy

Post by Invizique on Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:50 pm

So, it's been ages since I first released SuperHero vs. SuperFripp, a set of small comic strips featuring the guy in my avatar, Fripp. It has been at least 18 months.

I am going to return to it. I have decided that. It takes time and patience that I don't have, but I will try to do at least one a month and scan them into my pc to post up here for your endertainment.

History of SuperFripp:

SuperFripp started off as a project for english class in my freshman year. Almost a year later it expanded into the SF comics, which were discontinued in June. Most of which aren't online either; those that are exist on SaphiraForums (or webcams of them do, at least). SF Comics did not include Fripp mainstream, as he was playing SaphiraRox, a more senior member who didn't play a large role in the series as a whole.

History of Fripp:

Fripp began as a character in StarShine Legacy, a set of horse games released in 2007. I quickly expanded on the strange character, although I was never able to beat either of the first two games nor play the third or fourth despite owning all four.

Modern Fripp:

Modern Fripp is a Pyro with a crazy sense of humor, very unlike the original Fripp featured in StarShine Legacy. This is because it makes it funner to use him, as a character, in new situations. He is known for the weapon he carries in SuperFripp with the extremely long name, and I will most likely bring that weapon back as well. Because you can't have SuperFripp without it.

New Weapons, Tools, and Devices:

-The Detonatertot, named after a moderator on SaphiraForums
-The BoomBox, because Boom can mean so many things...
-The BoomBlox, because children's toys are not so safe anymore
-The RomanCandles, but I still don't have a plan for those yet. Very Happy

Fripp is making a comeback. I WILL attempt to keep the blood to a minimum, but the explosions and dead bodies? Not so much. The dead bodies are NOT gory. I am very good about that, as I do not like gore. However, there are quite a few of them, usually the ones of the "good" people.

Needless to say, SuperFripp DESTROYED Hysterical Laughter, the "heroine" in the original SuperFripp series. AND two of her sidekicks. He kept the third as a pet to help him "become good again", and that's where the story leaves off.

Fripp Legacy will focus on his continuing struggles to be "good" after the sudden death of Linda (HL's sidekick he kept as a pet), who had become his lifelong and most trusted friend (or so we will say).

I hope it turns out well, and I also hope it becomes a success.

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